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Your criminal driving record is a public record and public records can be obtained thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Public Records are connected to every part of our lives in society. A public record is piece of information that may contain individual background information, crminal records,   marriage & divorce records, birth & death records, address and phone number, email address, residence history, civil court records and other vital personal information. Public background record checks have been performed in the past by a government organization for a fee. Today these checks are more frequently provided by private companies that can access multiple public databases instead of just one government department's database. These are the same databases used by government organizations, but in one central location. The results of the private databases are generally faster and more complete due to the indexing and cross-referencing of multiple databases.  A person's background information is not always what they report. Verifying public background records is important. This information helps to effectively evaluate a person's history and avoids potential risks. However, it is not permissible to use public records for illegal purposes, such as unlawful discrimination, identity theft, and/or harassment. It is always important to verify all information obtained within public record databases by cross referencing any additional information such as phone numbers, addresses, birth date, etc. to ensure that the records you find are for the correct person(s).

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Knowing Who You Are Dealing With Is Important

With our public record databases you will be easily able to locate; criminal driving records, certain vehicle records, public/civil records, criminal records, background history, marriage records, divorce records, birth & death records, full name and address and phone numbers, public/civil records and many more pieces of personal information. This information is invaluable when doing any type of personal information verification or background records check. You will be able to cross reference data to ensure you've located the correct records and person that you're searching for. Investigate anyone, it's 100% legal and it's your right.