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Are you tired of searching for public records and getting nowhere? We offer a fast, simple to use and very low cost solution to searching for public records. We are a privately managed database designed for the purpose of searching for driving records, personal information, background check records, employment history, credit information,  financial records, address and phone numbers, email addresses, residence history, court records, public/civil records, military records, marriage/divorce records, birth/death records and many more. In today's society, public records searches are no longer limited to just commercial needs. Many of us find ourselves needing to complete some sort of background checks. Whether we want to ensure that our children are safe with child care professionals, teachers or doctors or we want to make sure that our neighbors pose no threats to our families. Finding public records is easy, affordable, 100% legal and it's your right.

In the past you would have to go to muliple government organisations and potentially pay multiple fees for each different kind of record. Today these checks are more frequently provided by private companies that can access multiple public databases instead of just one government department's database. These private databases contain information from mulitple department databases, but in one central location. The results of the private databases are generally faster and more complete due to the indexing and cross-referencing of multiple databases.  We want to make it clear that we are not associated or affilated with any Government. Our records are compiled from multiple public offices and agengies that obtain public records from government databases.

A person's background information is not always what they report. Verifying a person's background and history is important and legal. However, it is not permissible to use public records for illegal purposes, such as unlawful discrimination, identity theft, and/or harassment. It is always important to verify all information obtained within public records databases by cross referencing any additional information such as birth date, phone numbers and addresses, etc. to ensure that the records you find are for the correct person(s).

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Knowing Who You Are Dealing With Is Important

With our extensive records databases you will easily be able to search for driving records, public/civil records, criminal records, background history, marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, full name, address and phone numbers and many more. This easily accessed and centrally located information can give you the most detailed results when completing personal information verification or business background records checks. Investigate anyone, it's 100% legal and it's your right. JOIN NOW!